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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the mission of Circuit Rider Ministries?

Circuit Rider Ministries desires to obey the command of our Lord Jesus Christ found in Acts 1:8. We strive to both amplify and enliven the understanding of god’s plan for his creation, and offer to make “house calls” to churches, schools, civic organizations and individual small groups with expository biblical and historical studies and presentations. Our desire is to supplement the offerings of local churches and to diligently help with the expansion of christ’s kingdom “to the end of the earth.”
(it may be helpful to consult our “testimonial” and “biographical” pages for references).

What is the Doctrinal Position of Circuit Rider Ministries?

We are a Bible believing, Evangelical Christian organization. For our profession of faith, please read our “Doctrinal Statement” posted on this website.

How far are you willing to travel to present, lecture, and teach?

Although Circuit Rider Ministries is located in southeastern Wisconsin, we have travelled throughout the united states and have made mission trips as far as Russia, and Papua New Guinea. William Marris has witnessed about our Lord Jesus on all seven continents.

What is the fee for your services?

Circuit Rider Ministries relies on the prayerful support of its audience. Consequently we do not typically charge a fee, but rather ask for free will offerings to be taken. Overnight travel expenses are negotiable.

Are donations to Circuit Rider Ministries, inc., income tax deductible?

Circuit Rider Ministries is a 501 “not for profit” organization, but its application for 501 (c) (3) status is pending. As a result donations are not currently deductible.

For other questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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