Circuit Rider Ministries

To Proclaim Christ to the Ends of the Earth

Circuit Rider Ministries develops, teaches & distributes materials to stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.


Browse Circuit Rider Ministries’ extensive library of courses and Biblical teaching resources.


Circuit Rider Ministries hosts tours to significant Biblical locations such as Israel, Italy, and the once-a-decade Passion Play in Oberammergau Germany.

Campfire Convocations

Join us for teaching and fellowship at our Campfire Convocations. Events take place during the summer months in the Lake Country region of South East Wisconsin.


The haunting cries of helpless women and children taken from Today’s News Headlines, AND amazingly those of a century ago!

What People Say

Bill Marris’ love for God, for people, and for knowledge makes him an exceptional teacher, uniquely qualified to communicate the truth of God’s Word. Invite him once…your people will plead to invite him again!


Dr. Noah Palmer

Lead Pastor
Oakwood Church, Hartland, WI

Teaching and learning from the Bible should never be boring! Bill Marris will awaken your eyes, your heart and your spirit to the awesomeness of our God as he opens the Scriptures with great passion, keen historic and current insights, real life experiences and application for our lives.


Ron Lasky

Community Care Pastor
Fox River Christian Church

William Collin Marris

Mr. Marris, Circuit Rider Ministries’ principal lecturer, is a teacher, author, historian, and world traveler (having visited nearly seventy countries on all seven continents).

He’s available as a guest speaker for Churches, Civic Groups, Bible Studies, and Schools, and can be seen locally in the Lake Country region of South East Wisconsin teaching at the Campfire Convocations during the summer months.