09/15/2020 - 09/25/2020    
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During the Thirty Years War the deadly plague raged throughout Europe, until in 1633 it reached even the tiny Alpine village of Oberammergau.  During the next six months, so many villagers died of the Black Death, that the townspeople took a solemn Vow – if God would release them from the plague, they would perform once every ten years the story of the Passion of Christ.  From the moment the Vow was taken, no-one else in the village succumbed to the plague and so the first Passion Play was performed in 1634.
What began as a single performance in the churchyard has developed over 380 years into a masterpiece of theater and music, with all the villagers involved either on stage or behind the scenes.  For the Oberammergauers, the Passion Play is a labor of love and the Vow still has real meaning in their lives.  And so they are now preparing for the Passion Play of 2020.

Circuit Rider Ministries has been asked to lead a teaching tour to Oberammergau Germany, the home of the world renowned “Passion Play” that is only performed every 10 years, and is next scheduled for May-October, 2020.  Our eleven day tour will visit four countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Germany) before culminating at the Passion Play.

Please also note that we will be limiting our capacity to no more than forty-four individuals and that the trip is beginning to fill.  Let me urge you to send in your initial registration as soon as possible.  For more information please phone 920-629-2211.

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